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I’ve recently been trying to answer the question “What is Congress is actually achieving?” for myself and others. I’m working on creating a website with a simple graphical user interface  — a set timelines showing important milestones — that voters can use to quickly see what government is trying to accomplish and how far it has gotten towards achieving its goals. More generally, the deeper significance of many news items can be revealed on interface such as this — if a certain piece of sustainable energy legislation passes, how much closer has it gotten us as a nation and planet to actually being energy sustainable for the forseeable future? This system would graph that kind of information on timeline/”progress bar,” the position (% completion) of which could be determined roughly by a consensus of scholarly opinions.
Above all, what we really want to do is make a database of thoughtful people and politicians’ visions/dreams — their collective positive visions for how the world should be — then find the most rational way to make those dreams real (e.g. elect the senators that have the competence, vision, and concrete plans necessary. Are trickle down economics or Obamanomics better for creating a vibrant economy that allows people to live the American dream? I don’t know. Let’s look at the research and find out, and take the most rational action.)
At the very least, this could be applicable to state/local/student government. What does student government actually do? I’d love to see all the goals they’ve set out to achieve and concrete milestones as to how far they’ve gotten. This would help me see who is actually setting the agenda I like most, and who is more successful/unsuccessful at achieving their goals.”


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