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Why I record words and thoughts

by on Oct.27, 2012, under - Show All Posts, Abstract Philosophical Musings

“what are you into?”

Only when your words go away do you realize how precious they are, how even dumb and wrong words are precious because the miracle is that we have any words at all. That’s why I record them now, because I think I know what it’s like for them to go away, and I’m astounded that they exist at all. Patterns that never needed recording before because they were obvious truth, are magical and powerful.

Everything I do tells you something about me, even the dumbest assertion, the least relevant quote, and when you look back at your past self with the wondering eye of a historian, whatever it was becomes precious.

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Lessons learned from Motherlode

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Today I was working on a project, and then found myself distracted by an irrepressible urge to go and play the Miniclip flash game Motherload, which I had enjoyed back in 9th and 10th grade. Little did I know how enlightening I would find the experience to be…
  • “I’m not too rich to go for that emerald”
  • it’s all a matter of economics! Of course I’ll use the dynamite to get the emerald or the diamond because it’s going to make money on the net
  • I’m trying to win this as fast/fun  as possible, not as carefully as possible, this is my game. Therefore even when I don’t need to, I’ll use the quantum teleporting. I want to see how fast and loose I can play. This is what is fun.
  • it’s cheaper to use repair nano bots and a quantum teleporter then the matter transmitter in cases where you’re hurt and need to make the surface fast
  • it’s not about playing the game carefully or anything — it is the most a fun game to try to go through the game fastest. How quickly can I get the end? Even though the game isn’t that fun in and of itself, going through it to get to the end fastest is a fun challenge!
  • Mining in motherload is a wonderful exploratory process that mirrors discovery in a rich world. You go off a little bit go collect precious piece of ore, and then you see something out of the corner of your eye, and then you see something else, and something else, and pretty soon you have gone a complete lateral! The organization of ore and artifacts in the game is just perfect to optimally stimulate your exploratory taste
  • it is worth the monetary investment to satisfy my curiosity: does upgrading my radiator make me able to withstand gas explosions? Answer: yes it does.
  • Ignore the rest of it! It doesn’t matter anymore! Go for that amazonite! That one thing is worth more than you’ve made in your entire life! It’s worth 50 diamonds! Can you imagine that! And use your dynamite to blast through all the potentially gas explosion-laden dirt, whatever it takes, just to ensure that you will get that Amazonite! Nothing else matters!
  • Odysee is a good song, and it brings me back to playing this very game and listening to this very song while at the Peninsula in 10th grade

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