Notes from the Transformative Technology Conference and an Epiphany

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The Silicon Valley Intelligentsia were here in force (at least the meditation-oriented subset).

Notes: Scratch Notes from Transformative Technology Conference (Google doc)

I learned about the difference between satori and samadhi today, the peak states in Zen and yoga meditation respectively (Dr James Hardt’s talk). Both are characterized by maxed alpha waves across the brain, but there is a key difference:

Satori – The peak state in Zen. One can ring a bell next to a Zen master in satori a thousand times and elicit the same level of surprise, i.e. alpha wave block then return to maxed alpha waves shortly after. <> William Blake #quote: “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern. ~William Blake, The Doors of Perception 

Samadhi – the peak state in yoga. Yogi can put hand in ice bucket and have no alpha wave block. It’s like the yogi’s consciousness is somewhere besides the body.

Later, I had an epiphany which was really a recollection, in which I realized that I have found something that feels as robustly blissful and inspiring as samadhi. I remembered why IdeaFlow is different from all other projects in the world — the thoughts that consoled and inspired me through the toughest times of my past — and why I am working on it: the full project is not done until literally everyone in the world is happy, including me. This means I don’t have to “fear” competitors because there are only two possibilities:  I have a project to complete that nobody has done and it is great service and a great startup, or someone else has already made everyone in the world happy, including me. So either way I don’t have to worry. Completion of The Project equates to turning the world into a true utopia. So until this has happened, I have nothing to worry about competitor-wise. And at that point I really have nothing to worry about!

This suddenly re-enchanted the world for me and gave me access once again to a profound perspective from which to interpret reality. For instance, I realized why it bothers me so viscerally and persistently whenever I don’t get along with someone I meet. Coming into harmony with everybody in the world is my ideal, if I’m not in harmony with a person, that’s an open gestalt for me. And creating new open gestalts bothers me so deeply because completion of The Project equates to closing all the world’s open gestalts. So when I create new ones, it’s like I’m creating more work for myself and moving the project which I care about most about in the world backwards! So, to everyone I haven’t gotten along with ever, hang tight, I’m coming to make things better before all is done.

Even thinking about working on The Project of making literally everybody in the world happy instantly jumps me to this completely blissful and inspired state and gives me incredible purpose. And the fact that my own happiness is guaranteed either way, whether I’m working on It or someone else beats me to it, makes this peace imperturbable, like samadhi — even if The Project occasionally requires me to do the mental equivalent of shoving my hand in an ice bucket. 


The quick test for whether The Project is done: are you happy right now? Is everyone you know happy? Is everybody you are aware of in the whole world completely happy? If not, it’s okay; it just means there are true sources of inspiration in the world you can access right now to get to your most activated state. It means it’s time to get cracking.

The truth of this epiphany is so deeply obvious that I really just have to relax into it. It’s the intuition every child wanting to be a superhero ever has had — there’s something fundamentally intrinsically and irrepressibly inspiring about making everyone in the world happy. We just have to open ourselves to it and it’s there. <> I remember thinking to myself when I was around 8 that truly, as long as there were problems in the world I didn’t have to worry because there would always be something to be inspired by. #mechanicsofinspiration

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